near prague castle

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ulice ke hradu. prague, czech republic. photographed may 2005. med format b+w film


church near canton, ny

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church and field near canton, ny. photographed october 2007. medium format film.

mosque in istanbul, turkey

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a small mosque in istanbul, turkey. photographed july 2005. medium format b+w film.

the center, nyc

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the center. new york, new york. photographed summer 2008. b+w film.

the heidelberg project

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the heidelberg project. detroit, michigan. photographed march 29, 2010. 35mm film.


abandoned hotel

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abandoned hotel. south carolina. photographed feb 2010. medium format film.

ship graveyard

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ship graveyard. staten island, new york. photographed jan 2005. medium format film.

barn in the catskills

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catskills, new york. photographed winter 2006. medium format film.

too many negatives…..

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As a commercial still life photographer, my personal work has frequently taken a backseat to my professional work.  In an attempt to work my way through all of my negatives left untouched over the years, I’m starting this blog where I will post at least one new image each week, pulled from old rolls of film.  I’m not going to work through my negatives in any particular order, I’ll just be working on whatever inspires me that week.  Wish me luck!

first image

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governor's island, new york. photographed 2007. medium format b+w. van dyke brown print.

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